The Place of History in the New Time

History, they say, is the propaganda of the victor. And rightly so, if what obtains now will be used as a yardstick for historical analysis. For History as it is written today is a product of either a single story or an emergence of a winner in the contest among multiple stories. Dictators are aware of this, and thus, in the olden days, every ruler has a historian in his employ to tell his or her own story. It is still in practice today.

The real meaning of the word is contained in the word itself, which boils down to shortening of two words- His Story. How many times have regimes falsified history to put themselves in the limelight? Can we actually falsify history? If history is falsified, then in actual sense, it does not tell His Story but is rather a piece of propaganda. That is why Africans are suffering today because of the ills of a single story. And history sees Adolf Hitler regime as a callous one, while revisionists are trying to bring a balance to the history spearheaded by the final victors of the second world war.

Based on this premise, will it ever be possible to have a totally accurate record of public events without distortion? The answer is a definite yes. But even at that, the story is also dependent on the personality of the teller.

This type of history entails telling the story by watching the exact unedited video of events as they unfold. It involves those with heightened “mediumistic” abilities.To explain this further, a word must be said about the activities of mediums. These people are what can be referred as open portals through which higher radiations reach the surroundings. Hence a medium, in ideal cases, simply opens himself as a channel. They can only see things according to their spiritual maturity. By Spiritual maturity is meant that a medium cannot see beyond the plane of Ether he may end up in when he passes on. Some mediums can see only astral things while others see ethereal things. Only an extremely few can see spiritual things. Some see only things in the lower and darker regions, as can be seen in most African medicine men, or higher ethereal, as the activities of some so-called super-mediums of the western worlds, for example, can be described. Their seeing is premised on the fact that most things that happen on earth happen in the beyond first before they happens on earth. The time lapse before its manifestation depends on how high the action is recorded. Sometimes what is seen may manifest in weakened form physically.

But future historians will be mediums who can cull events that has already happened and watch and record it, like transcribing a video camera. The same thing can then be viewed by them either in the astral or in the planes of ether, which is actually looking at the same thing from different perspectives. Thus what is happening now will be read in future by this type of history rather than intellectual propaganda of the victor

The Doors: Never Duplicated

During the Summer of 1967 I was a child on the verge of my 5th birthday. At this time many classic albums introduced the world to the changes in rock music. The Doors were a phenomenal band as they focused heavily on the keyboard/organ tones of Ray Manzarek yet giving guitarist Robbie Krieger and drummer John Densmore plenty of room to add their talents. But hey it was that Mojo Rising Crawling King Snake part Sinatra part Shaman part Crazed Poet Jim Morrison that brought the experience into our souls forever.

Their first self titled album captured the music world by storm mainly due to the big hit Light My Fire with its captivating organ sounds and outstanding vocal delivery of Jim Morrison. However the album had at least six additional songs that were just fabulous. Crystal Ship is such a beautiful haunting ballad and Take It As It Comes with the eclectic soloing. Covers of the old blues standard Back Door Man and the eclectic Alabama Song just please my ears. Heck just about every song added something to the counterculture going on in the 1960’s. Even the controversial The End introduced psychology of an emerging generations.

The subsequent five studio recordings showed the world that the four piece unit of The Doors were not a one trick pony. The Doors dabbled in many styles and even invented a few along the way. Example: In the late 1960’s what band would experiment with a waltz based song like Wintertime Love or the flamenco styled Spanish Caravan. How about the touch of Sinatra on Touch Me? The title track from The Soft Parade combines many styles in one epic song that have yet to be duplicated.

The Jim Morrison led Doors concluded their recording career on a high with the fabulous LA Woman loaded with roots rock and blues. The last track Riders On The Storm a mesmerizing slow blues tune was oh so captivating showing Jim Morrison phasing out of this world like the Prophetic Shaman.

Although the Doors were in existence for a short period of time, their music has remained relevant even up to today. There have been many Doors Revivals during the 1970’s up to the present. If you are a musician very often Roadhouse Blues is a standard jam tune that even today’s 20 something generation appreciate. The Doors will remain a legendary part of music that can not been duplicated.

The Good News at the Right Time

When you have a Damascus experience like Paul, it changes your life radically. Before, Paul killed Christians; now he supports the other side 100%. He is driven to use all his energy to tell people about Jesus. When you meet Jesus face to face, everything changes to completely.

No prison can stop Paul. No stick that hits his body, no shouting or spitting by a soldier will stop him. His passion to save others from eternal fire burns constantly and nothing can put it out, 4… that God will open doors for telling the mystery of Christ, even while I’m locked up in this jail. Pray that every time I open my mouth I’ll be able to make Christ plain as day to them.

I’m embarrassed by my own little fire. It is so easily extinguished or put out. So easily I keep quiet and rather say nothing, because nowadays we have to give everyone space to believe as they like.

I take my hat off to a number of teachers in my son’s school. They saw the need to help dads to connect to their sons and started a movement called Engage. Any father and son are welcome.

They know many are not Christians. They are careful and try not to offend. But they are not afraid to say exactly who they believe in. Even the head boy who talked directly to the young boys stated clearly that he had made a choice for Jesus in his life. How wonderful it was when this same head boy concluded the evening with a prayer and blessed everybody.

Here one could see that today there are still people like Paul who cannot keep quiet. The secret must be revealed. The risk doesn’t matter, whether it is imprisonment or the government or losing your friends, every person must hear the good news.

I think they know how to tell the right thing at the right time. Yes, they are sensitive and give space. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t speak up. By hook or by crook, the secret must out!

I realise that we cannot make it work on our own. Paul knows that too. I suspect that Paul’s personality is more a “turn or burn” technique, and, therefore, he asks for reinforcements. We are too weak. Either our fire is extinguished or we are insensitive and drives people away before we get a chance to give the message.

God must help us. We need God’s Spirit to guide us so that we can say and do the right thing at the right time. May it be so. May we be sensitive to the guidance of the Spirit.

Let us strive to follow Paul’s example. May we be like the teachers at my son’s school and burn like the head boy to tell the good news and may God’s Spirit guide us to do it in the right way at the right time.